Watch the ProtoThrottle in action on Tim Garland’s Seaboard Central...
Tim Garland, a professional railroad engineer, has written an extensive
article on how to use the ProtoThrottle in the most realistic way.
Click here to download a pdf of Tim’s article.
An excellent product review video by Shane Mason...
Watch the ProtoThrottle in action during an operating session
on Thomas Klimoski's Georgia Northeastern Model Railroad...
Two short videos produced by Joe Atkinson explaining how the ProtoThrottle
has made his layout operations more realistic...
Scott Thornton

The big idea guy
who’s in charge
of mechanical
design, marketing,
and most of
the talking.
Michael Petersen

Electrical engineer
#1 who handles
the printed circuit
board design,
and fabrication.
Nathan Holmes

Electrical engineer
#2 who reviews
all the work and
makes sure we
don’t mess
things up.